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A Rare 16th-Century Renaissance Painting—Valued at $320,000—Was Found Hanging in a 90-Year-Old Woman's Bedroom
The owner has been in possession of the piece for over 30 years, but never knew its true value.
Do You Enjoy Cooking? A New Study Says Feeling Confident in the Kitchen May Improve Your Mental Health
After participating in a seven week cooking class, participants reported feeling empowered to change their diet and lead a healthier lifestyle.
The Labrador Retriever Is the Most Popular Dog in America for the 31st Year in a Row
According to data from the American Kennel Club, Americans also love French bulldogs, golden retrievers, German shepherds, and poodles.

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Where Do You Find Recipe Inspiration? A New Survey Says Most Home Cooks Get Ideas from Loved Ones or the Internet
Some even take a few liberties when making recipes at home by adding extra spices or fruits and vegetables.
Science Says Keeping Shoes Inside Your Home May Negatively Impact Your Air Quality and Expose You to Harmful Pathogens
Two chemists recommend leaving your shoes outside at all times to avoid bringing cancer-causing toxins from asphalt road residue and lawn chemicals into your home.
Do You Eat Breakfast? Science Says That It Really Is the Most Important Meal of the Day

As it turns out, eating breakfast has positive impacts on your entire life, and it may even make you more likely to receive a promotion at work.